Our Mission

D-Day Wear was designed to remind people of all ages how fortunate we are that so many gave so much for our countries in their time of need. We want people of Canada, The United States of America and Great Britain to proudly wear these symbols of patriotism on a day to day basis.

People wearing our designs will generate a year round public awareness while paying tribute to all veterans of our great nations.

To pay homage to all veterans, we will make a cash donation to the D-Day memorials in France for every garment sold.

Our ultimate goal is to provide every soldier that fell June 6, 1944, a name plaque at the memorial at the beach they fought on. This will forever mark in history their contributions to the war effort. Other than The Juno Beach Centre, there is no current dedications on the American and British beaches to honor the fallen by name, it is our mission to change that.

Joe Wilson
D-Day Wear

Juno beach letter

Letter from the D-Day Museum USA

Letter from the D-Day Museum UK

The Numbers

165,115 Total Allied Troops
24,970 Sword Beach
28,845 Gold Beach
21,400 Juno Beach
7,900 Airborne
23,250 Utah Beach
43,250 Omaha Beach
15,500 Airborne

Casualties of D-Day

3,184 Wounded
1,465 Dead

1500 Wounded (est)
1100 Dead (est)

574 Wounded
340 Dead

4000-9000 Dead/Wounded